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Photographer's Profile

Teodigital Photographers profile

Doros Theodorou

Doros Theodorou

Bio: I was born in Nicosia and raised in Limassol and I have studied accounting and IT.

Facebook: Doros Theodorou

I devote daily enormous time to my art photography, over the last years.

My town Limassol is a great source of inspiration for my work, which was the major element in my first exhibition back in 2010.
I have been highly touched from the comments and people interest on my work. Limassol works as an escape from day to day reality, providing all colours I want each time based on my move.

I like to use a palette of bright colours or completely dark. Often light and dark are featured in the same picture, causing mixed emotions to the viewer. I do use various techniques both on my camera and post processing using my laptop. The two combined, create for a magnificent result.

I hold the 4th place in a 31.000-member community of an internationally acclaimed photography magazine based in the UK and my work has received thousands of comments and a rating of 4.99/5.00.  My latest work has been chosen for a feature by the editorial team of the magazine for showing a large variety of genres and techniques.

Completely adapting to the contemporary time, I always like to keep in touch with the updates in the field of camera technology.
Due to my work I have been able to travel a lot and this has trigger me to always try more just to get the next better picture, that till now I am still looking for.

Specialism: Landscapes , Seascapes, Abstract

Camera: Samsung, Nikon, Sony


Pantelis Kranos  

Bio: I was born and raised in Limassol, completed my studies on marketing in the United States.

Facebook: Pantelis Kranos

I am happily married and a father to three wonderful children.
My other two great loves that can fortunately be combined are diving and photography.

I started off on the deep end, doing underwater photography and then continued with taking photos outside of water. I still enjoy doing both and their magic is what excites and motivates me to carry on.

Specialism: Underwater , Seascapes

Camera: Canon

Ricos Gregoriou  

Bio: I was born and raised in Limassol, Cyprus, I am a father of two and a professional musician.

Facebook: Ricos Gregoriou

My love for art and my artistic pursuits have pushed me to expand into exploring other forms of art - one of them being photography which I like to devote a lot of time on.

It simply fascinates me being outside in nature, in the middle of a great storm just trying to capture the plays of light through my lens. In any way really. I am always in awe when I try to take in the vastness of the universe, which has inspired me to work with astrophotography at times.

I also like capturing human emotions deriving through pain and happiness and people's labors. I try to translate my feelings and put the into a photograph with the camera really being just an extension of myself.

Specialism: Nature , Portrait, Seascapes, Astrophotography

Camera: Canon

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