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Agios Dimitrios

Agios Dimitrios

Agios Dimitrios

On my way to Limassol i saw this beautyful nightscene of Ayios Demetrios church at Ayia Napa. Unfortunately the moon was also fantastic but it was on the wrong side and i couldnt capture it in the frame too . So i did one long exposure for the church on the hill , and a second exposure for the moon , wich i deside to put a 300mm lense to shoot it as big as i could ! Then i merge the 2 photos together to make this devine exposure !


€ 55.00

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You can select two methods of finishing the wraps around the corners. The default is a solid color that muches the frame edges (Museum wrap).
Alternatively you can select expanding photo to bend around the edges. We are taking care that no photo details will be lost (Gallery Wrap).

Solid color wrap (Museum wrap)

Continue photo on edges (Gallery Wrap)

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